Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom

'The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility."
Proverbs 15:33
Did you know that a soft answer will turn away wrath? Did you know that correction is grievous to a person that is forsaking the way of GOD? How about, a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance or a word spoken in due season is good! All of these and so many more instructions for a successful life can be found in this short 33 verse proverb. I have been reading a Proverb a day for several years but this year, I have done it off and on, so when I read Proverbs 15 this week, it was if I had read it for the first time. If we could only live as the LORD commands, we could have such rich and free lives. If you haven’t read Proverbs 15 lately I would encourage you to read this Proverb TODAY!!! The Proverb tells us everything to do that our carnal nature would rather us not do, such as: Giving a soft answer in an angry situation, and you may ask, “why would I want to do that…I’m mad!!” well because, soft answers turn away wrath and grievous words or words of contention, stir up anger. GOD’s word is so practical for living, if we would adhere to it, but GOD’s instructions are so contrary to what our flesh want’s to do. We want to get even, have the last sarcastic remark and we just don’t want to hear or heed wise counsel. Did you know that this Proverb says that he that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding. Why won’t we just listen? Well the only explanation that I can think of is that we just want to be unhappy and in a state of confusion and turmoil all of the time. Some people may feel that The Word of GOD is outdated; that it’s just not practical for today. When we refuse to heed GOD’s instruction, He is far from us. The Word of GOD says, “The LORD is far from the wicked; but He heareth the prayer of the righteous.” It’s all here packed into one short but powerful Proverb. If we could just put into practice all of these intructions from the LORD, He would consider us a wise person. Many times in order to reach such a level of wisdom and contentment we will be required to become humble. The verse I used to title this message says, : “The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.” And when you really meditate on that verse in comparison to the Proverb as whole you will see that it takes humility to hold your tongue, or to accept reproof, correction and instruction. It takes humility to accept being poor in a worldly since and rejoice in being rich in the LORD. I truly appreciate the wisdom of Solomon for writing these inspired Words by GOD. I am sure that many of these wisdoms where probably lived out in his own life making this Proverb beautiful, heartfelt and strong.
Whatever state that you are in right now, this Proverb will speak to it. If we can just get to a level of understanding and trust in the LORD we would need less secular counselors and less medicating drugs. Instead of drowning out the problem, we can face it like soldiers of the Cross. I encourage you today to live in the wisdom of the LORD and trust fully in Him. As I have said before and will again many times over, that there may be times that you must Trust Him until it Hurts!!!
I pray GOD’s blessings upon you and that the SON of Righteousness Shine on you this day!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

What a scripture to be faced with in the morning after a bout of self pity and despair concerning my role as Mother, Wife, Teacher, Financier and any other title that could place upon ourselves. Sometimes as moms we tend to gather so many jobs and hoard them as our own not realizing that we leave so many needful things unattended. Prayer is essential, bible reading is essential, praising your children is essential, and seeking the face of the LORD in every aspect of our day is a MUST!! How can we even survive one successful day (keyword successful) without the LORD? I’m sure that at the end of the day we can all fall back in our chair (which is where I spend a great deal of my time) and say, well that’s a wrap, I made it through this day unscathed. But the question is what type of day was it? Was it wrought with fury and hardship? Did you make it by the skin of your might or by the power of the LORDS hand? Did you successfully pass the tests that were put before you or did you even notice them. Sometimes we are so oblivious to the lessons to be learned because we are so caught up in our AGENDA (yuck!!) LORD please deliver me from not seeing your face and your Will in every situation of my life. Please help me to pass the tests of life or at lease acknowledge them. Please help me at every moment not cease to follow your will in ever situation or at least acknowledge your Will. Yes, every wise woman does build her house, and hopefully it will be built upon the precepts of GOD’S word. Yes, the foolish plucketh it down and that with her own hands. I believe that I have on many occasions damaged the structure of my home, but by GOD’S grace not the foundation, for it is firm and sure and not even the gates of Hell can prevail against it. However; situations that are in my control cause me to falter in the area of maintaining my keep (castle part: a stronghold, or the innermost fortified part of a castle) I pray that as we go forward today that we will be the best wife and mother and sentinel of our home. GOD will protect us from every foe, but we must not allow the foe entrance. I thank the LORD for His ever watchful eye especially upon the reigns of my heart and I pray that we all walk forth in Love and Charity, holding forth the Words of Truth.